August 11, 2012

Skulls and Sequins


Thanks all for your encouragement and suggestions yesterday.  I am feeling better today and have been really trying to take it easy.  

Of course, last night was not a good night for my ex to call me to tell me that he was at the hospital with my daughter.  My younger son accidentally hit her in the head with a bat and she got eleven stitches in her forehead.

I've since heard that she is doing much better, but my younger son has been fraught with guilt.  Poor kiddos!  I feel just awful to not be there with them right now and I cannot wait to see them on Monday.

Today in my effort to wear kick ass clothes while I took it easy, I pulled out my old band tee from my very good friends Avidity to End.  You can see them in the video for today above.  The video was when they competed in the Battle of the Bands for the rock channel KBPI two years ago.

To add an extra layer of funk, I paired it with leopard flats.  The sequins gave it a little bit of rock and roll glam and the white shorts kept it casual and lightened the black. 

Today is my brother's birthday.  We headed over to his house for a laid back chicken wing fest and blow gun extravaganza.  I took a few minutes to have a photo shoot in the alley way behind his house.

Halfway through, my Grandpa called me.  So just know that I am not just posing with my phone here people.  This is legit.  

Last night was so great.  I truly am spoiled.  Patrick insisted that I skip Insanity, showed Kaden how to make spaghetti, did the dishes, cleaned the house and basically rocked my socks off.

Today was amazing as well.  I slept in, got all the back to school shopping done, got Kaden a haircut, finally cleaned some of my house and got a killer massage from my brother's girlfriend. 

Seems busy, but it was just perfect.  A slow, relaxed pace and I still felt accomplished.  I got my daughter the perfect shirt for her first day of school.

The girl loves horses.  Looooooves them.  I found her a perfectly glittery pink top with a girl riding a horse that says Peace, Love and Horses.  She's gonna love it.

All in all, with laid back plans, a wonderful fiance, great kiddos, a great reason to celebrate, getting stuff done and getting more excited for stuff to come--it's been a great Saturday.

And I'm looking forward to another one tomorrow.  I think a weekend of nothing on the agenda is just what this Frannie needed. 

I hope y'all are having a weekend of the same.  Keep it real!

 White Shorts-Old Navy, thrifted; Avidity 2 End Band T-Shirt; Sequined Vest-Lux, thrifted; Leopard Flats-Payless; Hoop Earrings-old; Chain Bracelet-vintage from Grandma; Cross Body Bag-vintage Coach, gifted
Don't Forget!

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So go buy sumpin purty.

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