August 1, 2012

The Power of Possibility


A few weeks ago, Patrick and I were watching a nature show (of course, they are Patrick's favorite) on sharks.  The narrator was talking about how many people died from sharks per year (roughly 10).

I found this number surprising.  You would think that it would be more!  Or at least I did.  This got me thinking about possibility.  (I promise, there's a correlation)

I've told y'all before, I am not really a fan of flying.  I don't really know why, but I can only attribute it to a fear of plummeting to my death unexpectedly.  

It is a fact, however, that more people die in car accidents than in flying accidents every year.  But this doesn't stop me from driving nor does it stop others from flying completely fear-free.

Isn't it strange the power that we give to possibility?  I mean, there is less than one in 10 million chance of dying for a one hour flight.  The chances of being killed by a shark are one in 913,200,766. 

And yet, there are tons of people who won't go out in the ocean for fear of being eaten by a shark.  There are people who won't fly because there is a possibility of crashing.  We think that while there is a possibility that we could be that one person, we might as well just play it safe.

This works in the opposite way as well.  Millions of people play the Lotto or Powerball everyday.  They use random numbers, the same numbers over and over, they strategically choose certain numbers, they choose the Power Play option all because they think that there is a possibility that they could be the one in 175,223,510 that wins the Jackpot.

Isn't that crazy?  I mean, the majority of us will probably never meet a celebrity.  But you better believe that most of us will secretly (or not so secretly . . .) carry around a Sharpie with us in highly celebrity sprinkled areas with the slight possibility of spotting a big star.

I decided to take my photos today at a vacant restaurant today thinking that there was a great possibility of being left alone to my self indulgence for ten minutes.

Unfortunately, the odds were not so much in my favor.  I got an audience strangely.  A man decided to park his car in the weed infested lot and eat his lunch right in the midst of my photo shoot.  

But it was no biggie.  I also took a chance wearing these cab to curb heels to work today in the sweltering heat.  Wrong move sucka!  

We all take chances everyday.  Even if we don't know it.  We take chances by doing something with the possibility of a winning ticket.  We don't do things because there is a chance we could get hurt.  It's just such a vague concept, but it is so applicable to every person every day.  Insane.  

Shear Polka Dot Dress-vintage; Leather Vest-Forever 21; Strappy Heels-Carlos Santana, gifted; Earrings-DIY and gifted; Chain Bracelet-vintage from Grandma 

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