August 8, 2012

One Month


Mother of God.  My wedding is one month from today.  Yikes.  I am so nervous and stressed out about it.  But I can also barely contain my excitement.

As usual, I get the "night off" because its Patrick's day to do parent duty.  But that doesn't mean that it's all fun and games. 

I had to go drop off my community service paperwork at the Court (I'm done son!), take Kaden to get registered for middle school and do a billion little wedding to-do's.  Oh and I am gonna go tan.  ;-)

It was so crazy to register Kaden at the same middle school that I went to19 years ago.  Holy shit that makes me sound old.  But it's true.

In the middle school that I went to, they divide the grade into two teams--the Blue Team and the Silver Team.  I was on the Blue Team.  Guess what?  Kaden is also going to be on the Blue Team.  ;-)

None of the teachers are there anymore that I had, but I do remember so many fond memories of the school.  Most people hate middle school and love high school.  I was the opposite.  I loved middle school and hated high school.

I gained a lot of friends in middle school--some of which I am still in contact with.  In our middle school, we had the same classrooms, the same teachers and the same classmates for all three years.  It was a little different, but comforting.

Halfway through my eighth grade year we moved to Loveland (barf) from Longmont.  That school was three stories of strangers and confusion.  I hated it. 

It was quite the culture shock for sure.  Most of the kids I was in middle school with, I had also been in elementary school with.  Suddenly, I was in a different town and I didn't know a soul.

One thing that I have always promised I would do for my kids is keep them with as much regularity as possible--same schools and friends when possible. 

Luckily for Kaden, when he gets to middle school, he will have the luxury of going with boys that have lived on our street for the last three or four years.  He will be going into middle school with kids that he has been in class with for most of elementary school.

Regularity and familiarity is important for kids.  And adults.  I don't know what I am going to do with myself next month when I am not in constant panic about wedding details.  But I do know that I am very much looking forward to it.  ;-)

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