August 18, 2012

Let's Hear It for the Boys and a READER FEATURE PARTY


Today was picture day and scrimmage for both of the boys.  We had to be at the park at 8 o'clock in the morning.  On a Saturday.

We didn't leave the park until after 2.  It was a long day but it was awesome.  The boys were so pumped and they are very lucky to have so many of their friends on their teams.

In fact, there are eight other boys over right now.  They are indulging in some pool time and other random boy-like shenanigans.

Meanwhile Brielle has had enough boy stuff.  She has shut herself in her room with the IPad watching Horseland (seriously, she's watched the 12 episodes they have on Netflix like 42 times) and her toy horses.

So minus the red lips and the gloves, this is what I wore to the park.  It was cool enough to wear jeans, but I couldn't resist adding a little vintage flair.

In other amazing news, Patrick and I booked our honeymoon about 15 minutes ago.  Woop woop!  Noooooooow, all I have to do is figure out what I'm gonna pack.  ;-)

Not only that, but there is nothing on the agenda for the rest of the afternoon nor is there anything on the schedule for tomorrow.  Now that's what I'm talking about.

I could really go for some relaxing, hanging out with my kids, catching up on little chores around the house and, quite frankly, a nap.

 So I've been contemplating something.  I was asked by quite a few bloggers on how they can participate in my wedding via the blog.  I think I have a solution.

My bachlorette party is on Friday (I know right????).  My bestie Matty has organized an evening that includes dinner, a burlesque show, dancing and drinking.

So here's the deal.  This will be a two part series.  The first will be Bachlorette Party.  From now until Friday, August 25th, send me a photo of what you would wear to my Bachlorette Party to my email at  It can include what you would wear to dinner, the show or dancing.  Include a link to your blog or the specific post you wore the outfit if you want me to include it.  A link back to my blog would be appreciated, but not necessary.  Who's in?   

 Red Jeans-vintage; Navy Blue Polka Dot Blouse-INC, thrifted; Tennis Shoes-Keds, thrifted; Polka Dot Scarf-vintage; Skinny Gold Belt-thrifted; Fingerless Lace Up Gloves-Pyramid Collection; Earrings-gifted
Don't Forget!!!

About the email I got from Stella with Kohl's.  They want me to extend to you a 10% off discount to their online store by using the discount code BLOGIT10 upon checkout until August 23, 2012.  How cool is that?

Annnnnnnd one of my absolute favorite sponsors, eShakti (remember this dress and this dress?) is AGAIN offering 10% off to you lucky Frannie Pantz readers as well by using the discount code  FR24SXN through August 31, 2012.  This can even be used in addition to the 40% off sale they are already offering on some items! 

So go buy sumpin purty.

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