August 7, 2012

A Scare


Before we get to my day, I want to apologize to y'all about Share the Covers Monday.  For some reason, YouTube is being a pain in my ass and no matter how many times I put in the code for the videos of the music, it has not shown up properly.  Looks like I need a new method . . .

Late last night I got a disturbing phone call.  My grandfather was in the hospital.  He lives alone, is very healthy and has his wits about him.  But my Uncle found him lying in his tub on Monday night.  He had no idea how he got there or how long he had been there.  Everyone's best guess is Sunday.

When my uncle found him, he was very disoriented.  We can only guess that he had a stroke.  He was admitted to a hospital in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  

First thing this morning, I went up to visit him with my mom and my sister.  I am very pleased to say that when we saw him, he was feeling much better.  He was his usual smart ass self, cracking us up, getting hit on by the nurses and tearing up with joy that we were all there and tearing up with guilt that he made us take time out of our busy lives to go see him.

My grandfather is hands down the greatest man I have ever known.  He is kind, funny and independent.  If you remember this post, you know that he was a predominant father figure in my life.  I love him with everything I got.  I think the main reason that I love Patrick so much is because he reminds me of my grandfather--just a good ole fashion gentleman . . . with a side of ornery. 

So that was good news.  I know I will have a shit ton of work to go back to tomorrow, but it can wait.  It was worth it to see my Grandpa.

In other news, we are moving right along with Wedding Mania.  Patrick and I had our engagement pictures last night and it couldn't have gone better.  Patrick looked amazing (and it was all his idea!  For a guy that regularly wears polo shirts and jeans, he def got some props for looking so dapper).  

Our photographer took us to Auraria Campus in downtown Denver.  It was perfect.  Little old buildings, gorgeous porches and awnings and street lights.  There was a moment where we were propped in an alley way posing for a picture and the way that Patrick looked at me was like the mushy "this is who I am marrying" and we shared this perfect kiss.  

And tonight we had our final walk through with the venue and the caterer.  I feel so at ease with the fact that they are handling all these minute details that I had never thought of.  I am so blessed and grateful for all that they do.  

In the end, even though the reason and timing for visiting my Grandpa wasn't ideal, it was a perfect day.  Just hearing my Grandpa laugh, having lunch with my mom and sister, getting some wedding stuff out of the way and looking forward to a wonderful future is just enough to turn any Tuesday into a victory. 

  Snakeskin Tank-Pamida; Pastel Pink Skirt-Express, thrifted; Nude Criss Cross Wedge Sandals-Marshall's; Watch-gifted; Earrings-gifted; Necklace-Wal-Mart

Don't Forget!

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So go buy sumpin purty.

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  1. I'm glad your Grandpa is doing much better :)
    You look lovely in pastels!


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