December 16, 2013

Mission Monday #24--Glitter and Sequins

Next week for Christmas (wow!), we will be doing the most cliche fashion trend of the holidays--sequins, glitter and all other sparkly things.  While they are totes popular for Christmas and New Years Eve, one shouldn't be afraid to don them at other times--like the office.  As I've done here--making the jeweled neckline of this blouse subdued by the sleek all black look and, of course, blazer.

Today is a very special day indeed.  Today is the birthday of my oldest best friend, Matty.  We met when we were 15 during detention (yeah . . .) and have stuck together ever since.  Happy birthday Matty!

Over the past 16 or so years that we've been friends, there are SOOOO many stories that come to mind.  We've gotten into some trouble together, we've been through hard times together and most of all, we've laughed together.

I was reminded of one of my favorite Matty and Me stories the other day as I drove to work.  This song came on and whenever I hear the Spice Girls, I always think of Matty.  Matty wasn't openly gay in high school . . . but we all knew.  I was a punk rocker, or so I thought, so when Matty would blare Spice Girls from my car, I was mortified.

I was even more mortified when Spice World came out and he dragged me to go see it.  Of course, alllllll of the cheerleaders at the school just happened to go see it too.  That same showing.  Ugh!  My reputation!  My mom was supposed to pick us up from the movie, but it got out earlier than we thought.  I would sooner die than hang around with those snobby cheerleaders, so we decided to walk back to my house.  Which was probably five miles from the theater.  Without calling my mom to tell her we were doing that (oh yeah, cell phones didn't exist in those days).

We figured the walk would be a mere 15 minutes.  It took us probably 45.  And all the while my mom was out frantically searching for us without a clue that we had decided to walk back to the house.  When she did find us, we were soooooo busted.  She was PISSED.  And so was I.  I had to see the Spice Girls movie.  With cheerleaders.  Matty, you still owe me for that.  Love you!

Track Pants-Wayf at Nordstrom; Rhinestone Blouse-Elle at Kohl's; Black Blazer-A-List, gifted; Booties-Ralph Lauren, gifted; Diamond Studs-gifted; Sunnies-shop at mall

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