October 29, 2013

Mission #20, Day 2--Cargo Vest

The other MVP vest-wise in my closet making an appearance for Mission Week?  This Old Navy cargo vest.  Originally, it was kind of a blogosphere trend, but I fell for it and I'm glad I did because it has more than paid for itself.

These photos are a month or so old.  The gorgeous weather in these photos is a far cry from the dark, drizzly weather we had today.  I'm already missing the warm summer sun.

In fact, we are expecting snow this week.  It has been ages since it snowed on Halloween.  As a kid, I remember always wearing a winter coat, heavy tights and boots with my costume.  My kids have yet to experience a snowy Halloween.

Won't bother me, though.  Kaden is "too cool" to trick or treat with his parents anymore.  And although I've taken the kids trick-or-treating every single year, this year Patrick's taking over the duty and I'm on candy at the door patrol.

I'll miss seeing my kids go door to door, but I am excited at the prospect of kicking back.  With an enormous bowl of candy at my disposal.

Floral Tiered Mini Skirt-Rue 21, gifted; Gingham Button Down Blouse-Forever21; Cargo Vest-Old Navy; Coral Sandals-Payless; Earrings-DIY and gifted; Watch-Patrick's; Sunnies-Target
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