April 1, 2015

Mission #54, Day 3--Baseball Tee

Yes, the lace tennies again.  I wear them a decent amount because they are comfortable and breathable.  But that is not the sporty element in this outfit.  Oh no friends.  Because I am wearing (motioning to showcase shirt) a baseball tee.  The ever versatile, ever popular, everyone loves it baseball tee.

I realize that today is April Fool's Day and as I have mentioned on the blog every single year, I am not a fan.  This is mostly because I am super gullible and if you try to fool me, I will fall for it and look like an idiot.  And I am a horrible liar so I can't fool anyone else.

But it does remind me of a fairly recent, very funny story that kind of fits into that dreaded "holiday".  So the football teams here for kids go by what high school the kids will be attending.  So for instance, my son will be going to Longmont High School eventually so every year, every team that he and his brother play on are the Longmont Trojans.  It gets pretty confusing, but it also makes it a little easier to remember.

Well last season, me and the kids were at Sprouts and Kaden was wearing his football jersey.  One of the managers of the store saw him and started asking if he played for the Trojans and he said yes.  They got to talking for a bit about it and it turns out that she thought that Kaden was a high schooler (he's already a few inches taller than his shorty mother).  Not knowing exactly how to back-pedal and explain that he was only a middle schooler (and not really feeling like he had to since it is only small talk), he just continued on.  After all, he had attended most of the high school games so he knew what she was talking about.

As the manager walked away, congratulating him on the team going to State, Kaden gave me a look of death like "MomdontyoudaretellherI'mreallyamiddleschooler".  I kind of smiled and we went about our shopping until a few moments later there was an announcement over the speakers.  "Attention everyone, we have a Longmont Trojan in the store!  As you all know, the Trojans are going to compete this Saturday in the State Championship.  If you see Kaden walking around the store, be sure to wish him luck!" 

Kaden was mortified.  We were forced to cut our shopping trip early and get out of there.  

Tribal Skirt-thrifted; Baseball Tee-Kohl's; Lace Tennis Shoes-Target; Necklace-c/o Uncommon Goods; Earrings-gifted

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