February 11, 2014

Share the Covers--Love Song

The original by The Cure . . .

The cover by Adele . . .


Sometimes it's the littlest gestures and the smallest events that make the most impact.  Last night was a night full of the best little bits of goodness.

The dishes were my chore last night.  And I had fully intended to do them.  But I was completely exhausted for some reason.  So, without prompting or whining at all, Patrick did them for me.

Conner decided that we should play Battleship--which we haven't played in forever.  In fact, we haven't been as into board games lately at all like we usually are.  He whooped my butt, but it was a lot of fun.

And Brielle decided that we would have a fancy dinner.  So we ate our dinner on a formally set table with a lace tablecloth, candles and a vase with flowers.  Best way to start a week.

Leggings-Rue 21; Sequined Sweatshirt-Old Navy; Black Knee High Buckle Boots-Charlotte Russe; Tweed Cape-Rue 21; Earrings-gifted; Sunnies-shop in mall

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