February 20, 2014

Mission #27, Day 4--Beanie

The best hat you can wear in the winter is a beanie.  Duh!  So it was obviously going to be debuted for Mission Week.  A beanie is a necessity in the winter, but having a cute one is a definite bonus.

These photos were from a couple of weeks ago.  It's been insanely nice here recently.  So, this is not what I was wearing today.  I tell you this because I want to share with you the greeting I got from my six year old daughter this morning.

She was downstairs eating breakfast and I came downstairs after getting dressed.  She turns toward me from the table and says the following:

"Stop.  Let me see what you're wearing," she orders.  Obediently I give her the old turn 'n pose.  She is quiet for a second, cocks her head to one side and tells me:

"Those shoes don't go with your shirt.  But I guess it's ok."  Thanks for your input Brielle.

Maternity Jeans-thrifted; White Button Down Maternity Shirt-thrifted; Rust Maternity Blouse-thrifted; Brown Booties-Sketchers; Fur Trimmed Yellow Sweatshirt-c/o Jolly Chic; Gloves-c/o Jolly Chic; Beanie-Kupu Kupu; Sunnies-Target

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