February 12, 2014

Dancing Children Make Me Cry

Back in December, my oldest niece Brynn had a dance recital for her hip hop dance club.  It was just adorable.  I wish I had gotten video.

It was so adorable, in fact, that I started crying.  And then there was a group of younger boys (probably between the ages of 3-5) who were also doing hip hop.  And I started to cry more.

I chalked it up to hormones.  And I'm sure it was.  But then last week, my brother in law sent me this:

What is this?  Well, at the 3:35 mark, it is my niece Anya at a halftime show for a basketball game with her cheer team (she's the one in the wheelchair).

I barely made it through the music before my eyes were welling up.  I was at work and I started crying.  My niece was so adorable and I love how amazingly talented she is.

So apparently, that is my hormonal weakness this pregnancy: dancing children.  They make me cry like a baby.

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