January 31, 2013

Thursday Mixer--Wide Leg Wool Trousers

In case you couldn't tell from the hair, these photos are super old.  Like October old.  Like when there were actually colored leaves on the trees old.  But there is snow on the ground, so it's legit.

Today's mixer features one of the most business savvy, comfortable trousers that I own.  I bought these wide leg wool trousers from Forever 21 about two or three years ago and they are still workin it at le office.

1, 2, 3

So, you know that amethyst ring that I always wear on my right hand?  It was my Grandmother's.  She was a February baby also.  Her birthday was one week after mine in fact.  And my mom's is a week after that, so she is also an amethyst birthstone baby.  

My Grandmother gave my mom this ring when she was 13 and she in turn gave it to me when I was 13.  My Grandfather had it appraised at one point and found out that it is a legit amethyst.  How can you tell?  It changes color with different light.  In natural sunlight, it is a green color.  Under florescent light, it is a deep purple.  I guess this is pretty rare, so the ring is super expensive.

But the value of the ring is far past monetary for me.  It means a lot because of the story behind it.  Well, about six or so years back, I had come back from a weekend in Breckenridge and started doing laundry when I realized that the stone was gone!  I was freaking out because I had just been away on vacation and doing laundry at the laundramat (I was living in a tin can of an apartment) so it could be anywhere.

Well Kaden was about 4 or 5 at the time and obsessed with Legos.  He had all kinds of sets, including a pirate one.  Shortly after I lost my stone, I saw a little gem on the floor.  For whatever reason, I picked it up and held on to it, thinking it was a fake Lego piece jewel.  Fast forward to over a year later and I suddenly had an epiphany--"what if that gem was the actual amethyst from my ring?"  I knew where I kept the piece and guess what?  It fit perfectly.  I had found my beloved amethyst.  I had never been happier or more relieved.

Wide Leg Wool Trousers-Forever 21; Peplum Blouse-c/o eShakti; Plaid Shrunken Blazer-Kohl's; Knee High Black Boots-Wal-Mart; Earrings-gifted; White Peacoat-Rue 21

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