January 18, 2013



We have been blessed with absolutely gorgeous spring like weather lately for which I am eternally grateful.  I almost had forgotten what it's like to walk around without a coat not freezing my booty off.

And although it's only {late} January, it gives me hope that spring is not so far away.  Which makes me very, very happy!

But at the beginning of every transitional season, I get a little antsy wardrobe-wise.  I have so many pastel-laden, lovely cotton skirt-ridden, short sleeve-baring looks in the works and I can't wait to bust them out.  Buuuuuut . . .

There are also many sweaters and tights and trousers and jeans and boots that I either haven't had a chance to wear or haven't worn to death yet.  

I know this isn't the crisis of the century.  Trust me, I wish my only dilemma in life was having so many clothes that I don't get a chance to wear them all or as much as I like.  But I know that once I pack away my warm and cozies for the spring and summer, I will be missing them.  Just like I've been missing my dresses and sandals in the cold and dreary months. 

Such is the life of a style blogger I guess.  But it doesn't change the fact that I will take the warm weather over the freezing weather any day.  And that's a fact Jack.

 Red Wool Pencil Skirt-Pendleton, vintage; Denim Vest-Christopher and Banks, thrifted and DIY; Striped Silk Blouse-Sears, vintage; Nude Fishnets-Kohl's; Suede Wedges-Target; Earrings-gifted

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