January 5, 2013

That Hit the Spot


I didn't chicken out. And, more importantly, neither did Vanessa at The Spot Salon.  Otherwise known as ever since she did my wedding hair--including the cut and color beforehand--and is the only stylist (other than Cecil, one of those old time acquaintances you happen to run into at every corner) that had the guts to cut my hair short, is forever my girl. 

I don't know how many times I heard the words "wow that's gonna be a bright/violent red!" or "this is going to be a complete transformation!".  But, you know what? 

I love it.  I absolutely love it.  And so did all the stylists.  And I was ready for a change.  Even if it was so small a gesture as a haircut.

Isn't it strange how amazing walking out of a hair salon can make you feel?  You know, I haven't made any New Year's resolutions yet.  I wasn't sure if I was going to.  But I realized something today, walking out of that salon. 

I need it.  Not necessarily haircuts and coloring.  But this.  Time to myself, thinking only of myself, doing something for myself.  Taking risks, doing something different, stepping out of my box.

In short, best Christmas gift ever.  Thanks mom.  Love more!

 Mustard Dress-Free People; Plaid Blazer-Jones New York, thrifted; White Tights-Target; Studded Wedges-Kohl's; Watch-gifted

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