January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Megan!!


Guess what?  Megan's birthday is on the horizon and that calls for a need to celebrate!

Today I wore a total Megan Mae outfit.  This, however, is not it.  I chickened out on photographing it because, well, the high was like 5.

But Megan's a rockin' chick so I think she would approve of this substitute.  

Megan is turning 23 day after tomorrow.  Aw youth.  I remember 23.  I'm almost 31 so it's not like I'm thatmuch older than Megan, but it feels like 23 was forever ago.

To put it in perspective, when I turned 23 I was very pregnant with Conner, my younger son and second born.  I was a manager at Subway and planning to attend college in the fall.

Come to think of it, 23 was a pretty monumental year for me.  It could be said that it changed the course of all of the events to come.  I would not have the job I have now without my training in college.  And, I wouldn't have Conner or Brielle.  So cheers to you Megan!  Hope this is your best year yet!

 Leopard Skinnies-Wal-Mart; Coat-Wal-Mart; Studded Booties-Forever 21; Sweater Dress-Kohl's; Bracelets-gifted; Necklace-Kohl's

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