January 25, 2013



I just finished all that Netflix has to offer for Gossip Girl thus far.  I have to say, I got way more attached to the show than I had anticipated.  And now I cannot wait until Season 6 is out.

It's funny because I've never been a tv girl.  Like at all.  Patrick likes it because he basically has free reign over the tv.  But between Gossip Girl and Sons of Anarchy, I've become a tv drama series fanatic.

Of course, there was much more than New York City (still my lifelong dream and obsession to go there one day) and the plot line that gives the show that kick of flair.

Of course a big part of the success of the show is, indeed, the fashion.  And while I could never live up the LV and DG lifestyle those girls do, I decided today it would be fun to put a little Serena in my step.

How does one get inspired by a (fictional) NYC "It Girl" from the Upper East Side with not a designer label in my arsenal?

Dissection and interpretation.  And for that I went with sequins (is it just me or does Serena wear more sequins than anyone on the planet?), boots with a boho vibe and color.

Because the other option, a bodycon dress that accentuates mile long legs and perfect bossom, was not really in the cards for the office.  Or my body.  Or my budget.  So this will do.

 Red Skinny Polka Dot Jeans-Old Navy; Sequined and Striped Tank-Old Navy; Suede and Ribbed Cardigan-Avalin, thrifted; Studded Boots-Forever 21; Earrings-gifted

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