September 15, 2014

Make it Monday #3--Pinterest Inspired Look

My sister-in-law once told me that she noticed that I had over 30,000 pins to my style board and how ridiculous it was.  Well, it is a lot, but it's legit.  I actually use my style board from Pinterest every.  single.  day.

And how do I do this, you may ask?  Well I will endlessly and shamelessly promote (completely on my own, I have never been approached by the company in any way) my Stylebook app.  Not to freak you out, but if you are a blogger that I regularly follow, chances are high that you are all up in my Stylebook.  #sorryboutit

So here is yet another way to use Pinterest.  As you can see, this outfit is not an exact replica of the inspiration, but close elements of it from items that I already had.  This inspiration (from Hello Fashion) contains a striped maxi dress, a printed and colorful scarf in her hair and a bright yellow bag.

I happen to have these elements--a striped maxi (that is actually maternity, but will undoubtedly work forever), a scarf with mixed prints but enough similar color elements for it to work with the dress and a bright yellow satchel that I thrifted last summer.  I put them together and viola!  A new outfit was born.  And, if I may say so, one of my favorites to date.

So I was on my Stylebook app the other day while Conner was leaning on me playing his DS.  He looked over, saw a photo of someone and asked if that was me.  I told him that no, it wasn't me.  Then he asked if I was in the Stylebook app.  I told him that no, I wasn't in it.  Then he says: "Well why not mom?  You're prettier than all of those girls in there.  I think they should put you in there."

And even though it is not true, my heart melted.  I swear he is the sweetest kid on the planet.  He's going to make some girl very happy someday.

Striped Dress (Maternity)-Old Navy; Floral and Polka Dot Scarf-thrifted; Sandals-Marshall's; Neon Satchel-thrifted; Earrings-gifted

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