November 20, 2014

Mission #46, Day 4--Easy Peasy Dress and Layers

Easy peasy dress--simple.  Comfy.  No fuss.  Pockets.  It's a no-brainer.  Layers--obvi.  Jacket?  It can get cold and then hot again.  Scarf?  Easy added interest and pattern mixing.  Done and done.  

Yesterday afternoon I had an appointment to get a check up on the van.   And I knew ahead of time that it would be an hour layover.  And Patrick's mom was set to stay with Reilly as I was going there right after work.

Now going to a dealership for a check up is nothing exciting.  And technically it is a chore.  But I have to tell you, it is the first time since I believe Reilly has been born that I had a set, known time of silence.  No kids.  No dishes to do.  No laundry to fold.  And it was glorious.

And they had free wi-fi.  And free coffee.  And it was a-mazing.  Short.  But good.  It is crazy how having a kids and, in specific, a baby can make you appreciate all the little things--laughter, holidays, snowfall, little toes, sticky fingers.  But it can also make you appreciate selfish moments--quiet moments, clean floors, coffee that you can drink while it is still hot.

And, as a mom, it's very important to recognize every moment--with your children, from their perspective and those that make you selfishy happy.

Black and White Striped Dress-Target; Cognac Leather Bomber Jacket-Target; Cognac OTK Boots-Charlotte Russe; Floral Scarf-vintage; Wide Cognac Belt-gifted by Lynne

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