June 9, 2015

Mission #59, Day 2--Layered

Day 2 of Mission Week and yet another way to pull off the denim on denim trend without looking like a freakshow--layer your denim on denim with another element with color and/or pattern.  Enter the argyle sweater and bright colored rain boots.

So yesterday I was bitching about my still pudgy baby weight body.  Well today I take it all back.  I write my posts the day/night before and after I wrote that post, I was watching a documentary with Patrick (typical . . . we're really nerdy) about childbirth in the Middle East.

This journalist for National Geographic documented childbirth in the Middle East where 1 in 23 women die during childbirth.  Almost none of them have any prenatal care.  When you go into labor, you have no medicine, no drugs and sometimes no doctors.  If a baby is born in trouble, you have the hands of the medical team and that's it.

One woman was pregnant with twins.  She gave birth to one baby, but the other was not coming out.  So she drove to a river.  Then she rowed a fucking boat across the river to an ambulance to deliver the baby.  Then she died of a hemorrhage.   This woman is a hero.  When I was in labor, the feeling of another person driving a car made me keel over--no freaking way was I going to drive a car myself and then row a fucking boat! 

So basically I feel like a first world asshole.  10-15 pounds!   What a baby!  At least I delivered all four of my children under the care and supervision of a doctor.  At least with all four children I got an epidural.  I was like watching movies during labor and shit!  At least I delivered all four babies safely without any problems or complications and had I had any complications, there were NICU's and machines and medicine and oxygen and doctors.  #ifeellikeanasshole

Denim Skirt-thrifted
Chambray Button Down-Lee
Argyle Sweater-thrifted
Red Rain Boots-Amazon
Pearl Earrings-gifted by Patrick from Qatar

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