June 23, 2014

Mission Monday #36--Date Night Dressing

I hate to generalize, but I think that men really have no idea what we women go through when we get dressed up for a date.  This is why it's hard to surprise us, I think, because we always have to relate so much of what we are doing to what we are wearing.

When we go on dates, whether it's a first date or a date with your husband of 20 years, every single sartorial decision is based on about 50 questions and scenarios.  From our footwear to our bags to a skirt vs. pants to layers--it all has a purpose.

And because dating is an important and virtually inescapable part of our lives and dressing for said dates are a big part of that, next week we will explore the wonders of date night dressing.  Dun dun DUUUUUN!  This will be fun!*

*This rhyme was unintentional
Speaking of dates and quasi anxiety--on this day next week I will be back at work.  My eight weeks of maternity leave will be over.  I cannot believe how fast time flew!

I'm really bummed and nervous about leaving little Reilly.  Thankfully, he will be staying with Gramma and I'll only be going back part time.  And while I definitely didn't miss some aspects of my job, in a weird sadistic way I have missed working in family law and having a routine again.  Good thing we're date night dressing next week--I'm pretty sure Patrick and I will be in need of a date ourselves!

Denim Dress-thrifted; Beaded Belt-vintage and gifted; Woven Tote-Fossil, thrifted; Sandals-Target

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