June 20, 2014

Mission #35, Day 5--Feel Good Outfit

This last tip for postpartum style for Mission Week I think is the most important.  While I typically think that going on a shopping spree when you are trying to lose weight, I would condone finding one or two (or a few . . .) pieces that really fit you.  And not only fit you, but make you feel good.

As I've discussed, dressing your postpartum body can be challenging--not only physically but mentally as well.  I actually picked this little shirtdress out at the Goodwill Show and Swap when I was muy pregnant-o, hoping that I would be able to "make it work" (haha, Tim Gunn reference from when I met Tim Gunn at the show) after I had the baby.

I somehow got the inkling to try this little diddy on without much positive thought that it would actually fit and/or button up.  It was to my absolute delight that it did in fact fit!  And it worked out great for breastfeeding since it buttons in the front.

All day I was swinging and bouncing around in this dress.  It made me feel so much more like my "old self".  And when you have extra pounds, half the sleep and get peed or vomited on multiple times a week--it doesn't get much better than that.

Don't forget to enter the oNecklace Etsy Shop gift card giveaway!  Entries accepted until midnight (MST) tonight!  Winner will be announced on Monday, June 23.

Black Shirtdress-thrifted; Spiked Belt-thrifted; Hot Pink Heels-H&M; Earrings-Charming Charlie's

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