June 16, 2014

Mission #35, Day 1--Easy Access Tops

Halter tops are a tricky endeavor.  But here's the thing--they make breastfeeding a breeze.  Of course, they have to be the kind of halter that ties in the back.  And, to be brutally honest, because of leakage and size, you have to wear a bra at all times, you must add some kind of layer--a cardigan, a jacket, a blazer, etc.

This weekend we decided to go on a drive in the mountains.  We took a ride up the Big Thompson Canyon, which we had not been since our anniversary.  This was about a week or less before the big floods came in.

In a word, the drive was . . . depressing.  The gorgeous, lush mountain drive had been devastated.  The road had to be repaired, of course, and was mostly dirt.  On the side of the road sat numerous uprooted trees, broken chairs and mangled metal from the guard rails.

I could hardly believe my eyes.  I could not possibly imagine that less than a year ago when we made this gorgeous trip how different the scenery was.

For example, there used to be a beautiful park on the way up the mountain.  Now?  Gone.  And I don't mean abandoned or some of the equipment got destroyed or it was muddy.  I mean there was NO equipment.  I mean every single tree had been completely wiped out.  I mean not even a blade of grass was left.  It was just dirt.  And rocks.

And that was pretty much the entire drive.  Absolutely devastating. And humbling really.  In the span of a week, everything in this entire stretch of land spanning miles and miles had been destroyed.  And with what?  

Water.  The same water we used to pull over on sunny summer days to dip our feet into.  The same water we'd do down in inner-tubes.  As Patrick said, it just goes to show you that we're not as big and bad as we think we are. 

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