June 25, 2014


Suffering the aftershocks of some delirious sleep deprived writer's block has forced me to share with you some totally random facts about me.  You're welcome.

I have no tattoos (well yet anyway), but I have three piercings--my ears, my bellybutton and my tongue.  I've actually pierced my tongue four times.  The first time, I was sixteen and I went to some head shop that was known for giving underage kids piercings.  My dad found out and pulled the spark plug wires in my car.  I had to take it out to get my car back.  The second time I was eighteen and I really wanted one but I was dating a really abusive jerk who didn't like them.  He called me a freak and sat in my room and tore up all of the stuffed animals, cards and everything he ever got for me until I took it out.  The third time was when I was 22 and broke up with that guy because I found out he had cheated on me.  My tongue swelled up so bad when I was pregnant with Conner that I had to take it out and it ended up closing up.  The fourth and last time was when I was 26.

I was a waitress as a second job for about four years of my single mothering life.  I was the worst waitress of all time.  I blame this mostly on my vast distaste for the general public. I cannot stand small talk, meaningless questions or useless complaining.  And because my tips (i.e. livelihood) was based on my pleasing people who liked to endlessly bitch and complain and demand and whine, I didn't do very well.  In fact, my manager told me that it was a good thing he liked me because otherwise I would be fired.  I stayed because I loved the people that I worked with.

I have had the chicken pox three times.  I had them when I was a toddler, when I was in second grade and when I was in seventh grade.  Apparently that part of your body that only lets you get the chicken pox once doesn't work in my body.

I don't do leftovers.  I don't know why.  I think it's partly from growing up poor and partly from the fact that for whatever reason I don't like the microwave.  Nothing really ever tastes the same after it's been microwave.

I wouldn't say I'm OCD or a germophob (though I have been accused of being both), but for some reason I cannot stand when my hands or feet are dirty.  I can't tell you how much lotion and hand soap I go through.  And I am hardly ever without shoes or slippers of some kind on my feet.

Mullet Skirt-Rue 21; Brown Tank-Banana Republic, gifted; Crocheted Vest-Target; Wedges-gifted by Mom; Necklace-c/o Uncommon Goods; Buckle Cuff-H&M

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