June 18, 2014

Mission #35, Day 3--Maternity Clothes

Due to an unrealistic expectation for women paired with celebrities and the like who bounce back with flat bellies mere days after giving birth, it is not exactly common knowledge that once you have a baby, your body doesn't just go back to normal.  In fact, for some time after you give birth, you may still look pregnant.

Because of this, it's best not to ditch your maternity clothes just yet.  I know, you spend nine months in these effing clothes and all you want to do is burn them once you're done.  Unfortunately, these may be some of the only clothes you can fit in for a bit.  But there is no reason that you can't make the best of them and style them up!

Truth be told, I almost didn't post these photos.  They are pretty unforgiving of the shape my body is currently in.  I'm still about 25 pounds heavier than I was pre-pregnancy.  It is a true blow to my confidence for sure.  And a total bummer since I still can't don a large chunk of my wardrobe.

I'm six weeks postpartum right now.  I've drank only water and morning coffee since Reilly was born.  I have been eating very healthy (as I was in pregnancy honestly)--fruit and veggie smoothies, lots of protein, little sugar and carbs.  I've been going on walks nearly everyday for 1-4 miles.  I'm breastfeeding like crazy.  But so far, the progress has been slow.

And it's been difficult.  And discouraging.  And honestly a bit embarrassing.  Although it's not surprising--I always gain a lot of weight in pregnancy and have trouble losing it.  But I've not had a blog to document this progress to the world.  I thought about not posting these pictures.  I thought about not posting at ALL until I was back to normal.  But I am.  Why?  Because I like posting.  And I know I'm not the only mother to go through this ordeal.  And maybe I can give another woman hope and comfort.  Because this is real, people.
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