March 11, 2014

Share the Covers--Behind Blue Eyes

Here is the original by The Who . . .

And the cover by Limp Bizkit . . .

I got this dress when I went to the Goodwill Show and Swap back on by birthday.  When I spotted this dress I could not believe my eyes.  The pattern was adorable.  The linen fabric was strong and sturdy.  The tag was European and vintage.  And . . . POCKETS!!!!

I was so excited to wear it but I was nervous that it wouldn't fit with this ginormous bump.  But when it zipped up without issue, I was STOKED.  So stoked, in fact, that I took the obvious nautical theme of the dress and went theme dressing for the day.

Normally, I'm not one to be so matchy-matchy or costumey, but when it feels right you just gotta go with it amiwrong? 

And nautical is the theme of spring.  And even though there is snow in these (old) photos, I was trying to channel spring with these cute little sailboats.  And it must of (quasi-in-my-mind-and-nowhere-of-validity) worked because it's been very springy here lately.

Which is good because even though the technical first day of spring isn't until the end-ish of the month, I always count March 1 as spring.  So I'm wearing a nautical look at the beginning of March, winter weather and technicalities be damned.

Nautical Dress-thrifted c/o Goodwill Swap; Trench-DKNY; White Tights-Target; Navy and White Cap Toe Bowtie Heels-Payless; Anchor Necklace-Charming Charlie's; Earrings-c/o Touchstone Crystals; Sunnies-Target

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