March 5, 2014

Mission #28, Day 3--Graphic Tee and Blazer

On this third day of Mission Week with graphic tees, I am showing you a very business casual look.  Sleek, black skinny jeans, a subtly graphic tee, a neutral colored blazer and heels.  Pretty basic, but a lot funner than your average t-shirt and jeans.

The other day, Shoop came on my iPod on my way to work.  Naturally, being a 90's kid and knowing every single word, I chimed in.  Not once, not twice, but on repeat the rest of the way to work.

I was really getting into it.  And as I walked into work, I was still going--quietly to myself.  Sally, the older paralegal at the office, caught wind of my mumbling and asked me what I was  saying.  To which I replied "I'm just bustin' out some mad beats." 

The attorney she works for, Chris, walked in at that moment.  "Why are we talking about farming now?  And why beets?"  There is nothing hip about a law office.

Black Maternity Skinny Jeans-Old Navy; I Heart NYC Tee-NYC; Beige Blazer-thrifted; Two Tone Cap Toe Heels-Franco Sarto; Earrings-Charming Charlie's; Watch-Patrick's

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