March 30, 2014

Modcloth Challenge

Recently, Modcloth contacted me and asked me to style their Beach Blanket Bingo Two Piece.  I know that pretty much everyone is on board with warmer weather, casual outings and weekends with zero agendas.  Being trapped in maternity clothes for the past eight months, I'm totes ready to peel some layers.

So how would I style this cute little retro suit?  I picture wearing this suit during a casual day at the lake with my family and friends.  So I would want something no fuss.  I would wear these cute overalls over the suit, with the cute printed button down top unbuttoned over it and some fun colored sandals.  Of course, for functionality's sake, a cute tote to carry all the relaxation essentials, a great hat to shade from the sun and some fun sunnies that hone in the vintage vibe.

I have been a long fan of Modcloth and putting this look together was so much fun.  If you like it, you can find the pieces here:

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