March 20, 2014

Mission #29, Day 4--Jeweled Sweatshirt

Yet another dressier spin on the sweatshirt look for Mission Week is one that is dolled up with a jeweled collar and paired with a lacy pencil skirt (or a dress that looks like a pencil skirt) and some feminine kitten heels. 

On this day, I chose a recently abandoned Olive Garden as a photo location.  I haven't eaten at an OG in foreeeeever, but I was kind of excited to learn that had closed because I thought it would make a fun photo spot and is pretty secluded. 

And while the lighting was sketchy, it actually did end up being fairly successful.  No one bothered me and I liked the bricks and columns as props.

But there was something amiss that you don't see in these photos.  As I was posing and clicking away, I saw something . . . strange.

Several disposable razors.  Grouped together.  Different brands of disposable razors.  I don't even want to know . . .

Burgundy Lace Maternity Dress (worn as a skirt)-c/o Pink Blush Maternity; Jeweled Sweatshirt-Old Navy; Teal Kitten Heels-Alfani, gifted; Earrings-gifted; Sunnies-Target

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