March 6, 2014

Mission #28, Day 4--Graphic Tee and Leggings

Here is a very casual approach to this week's Mission Week with graphic tees.  This was some random weekend day of running errands.  A fun, girly graphic tee, leggings and my trusty chambray button down did the job nicely.

My mom brought me this lacy graphic tee back from her honeymoon in Italy.  It is the perfect fashion blogger tee with the barcodes and street style photography stamped all over it.  I am so happy to still fit into it seven and a half months pregnant.

What I am not quite as thrilled about is Patrick's new obsession.  I'm not a TV person.  At all.  I have some choice movies that I like, but I'm not really into many shows or anything.  We don't even have cable!  So needless to say, Patrick has pretty free reign over the TV and Netflix.

Usually what this means is that he will choose to watch some kind of war or military movie (ew) or a documentary, which I usually actually enjoy.  But lately, and I don't know if this is his "getting ready to be a father to a newborn" mindset or not, is learning to survive in any condition.  Folks, he's into Survivor Man and Man vs. Wild.

It's interesting.  And I might even be able to actually enjoy the show.  But the eating . . . the killing of bugs and animals . . . nasty.  All this show makes me want to do . . . is never travel and stay in or near city limits whenever possible. 

Studded Leggings-Rue 21; Graphic Lace Tee-gifted from Mom from Italy; Chambray Button Down-Lee; Low Studded Booties-Forever 21; Mirrored Aviators-Target; Earrings-gifted

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