April 9, 2012

Rusted and Busted


"Why is your mom wearing a bucket on her head?"   My daughter's classmates always have the most interesting comments on my outfits.

Today I took a more drastic color combo than the norm with a rust dress, leopard print cloche and silver blazer. 

I found a new favorite photo spot today.  These random stairs to nowhere.  Pretty cool.  Except for being on a very busy bike path.  I got away with not getting any of them in frame though.    

 You know those days? The ones where you're not really in a talking kind of mood.  I'm having one of those days.  Mondays are sometimes boring at work (I know, Fridays are our busiest days for some reason) and after all the excitement this weekend, I'm just kinda interested in sitting.  Quietly.

Also, for some reason today I was really into "action shots" like jumping or skipping around rocks or pretending the wind was blowing my hat off.  

So I'm gonna spare you the random jibberish and just leave some action poses and very little random jibberish.  You're welcome. 

Rust Colored Dress-Vintage; Silk Silver Blazer-gifted; Studded Wedges-Sonoma; Leopard Belt Cloche Hat-Target

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