April 27, 2012

Pearls and Polka Dots


First of all, how great is the above MJ song after a long work week when you have a fun weekend planned ahead?  The answer?  Very. 

This outfit came as an inspiration from May's InStyle magazine.  They did Rhiana's top ten looks and though her look was much more glamorous than mine, I have to say that I looooved wearing this. 

To add a bit of edge, I threw on every pearl necklace that I owned.  I dug it and I thought that it contrasted well with the polka dots.

I wanted to take my photos in downtown Longmont, but alas, that did not work out.  Apparently early Friday evenings in DoLo (that's what I like to call Downtown Longmont) are really hoppin'.  I was not in the mood to be surrounded by DoLo-ians.

So I opted for this little church.  Which was fraught with construction workers.  Any fashion blogger knows that construction workers love them a good fashion blogging photo shoot.  Ugh.   

In other news, I finally did my nails.  Yep. It is a triumphant day over here at Frannie Pantz.  It is not often that I have the time to get this shit on lock down.  

 It's been a hot minute since I broke out the ole jumpsuit.  In fact, I haven't worn it since this post.  It's a shame because I loves it.

But it's a commitment.  It's a real commitment to wear a jumpsuit.  Am I right ladies?  First and foremost, bathroom trips.  They turn into a triathlon of getting completely naked and then dressed all over again.   

Also, not everyone is into jumpsuits.  Take my mother, for example.  She was flabbergasted when she first saw me wearing this little ditty.  "What???  They're back???  Whyyyyyyyyyy?"

But, pro=they are back.  Yes, ladies.  And they feel freaking fabulous.  It's like wearing stylish PJs to work.  That's right.  I said it.  Stylish.  PJs.  To work.  

 And you know what else was freaking awesome about today?  Prepare to meet some egocentric style blogging lingo--I hit 50,000 views today.  Yay!  Thanks to everyone who has stopped by.  I was hoping to by my one year anniversary, but hey, I'll take it. 

So what is happening this weekend?  I know you're dying to find out.  This weekend consists of the following:

Going to my sister's new thrift store, Love More Thrift, to do some organizing and stuffing it full of my closet clean-out from a few weeks ago. 

Going up to Black Hawk with Patrick and his mom for a surprise party for his sister.  (Don't worry, she doesn't read my blog . . . I'm pretty sure)  She's gettin' her dirty thirty on and I am so psyched!  And so that is going to be my weekend.  But what else happened today?

Peggy liked my look today too.  She said I looked very "healthy" today.  But I think it has something to do with the insta-J.Lo-booty that comes with the territory of a jumpsuit.  As evidenced below.  You're welcome. 

  Strapless Jumpsuit-Forever 21; Polka Dot Silk Button Down-Banana Republic, thrifted; Booties-Ralph Lauren, gifted; Pearl Necklaces-Kohl's, Wal-Mart and vintage from Grandma; Watch-gifted

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