April 21, 2012

Colorado Holiday

I'm not a political person.  At all.  But, today I am going to do a little ditty called "let's talk about medical marijuana."

Today, as some of you may know, is 4/20.  AKA Pot smoking day.  In Colorado, this is kind of a big deal.  Especially since they legalized medical marijuana.  We have dispensaries evah-re-where.

The forte for Colorado, or Boulder in particular on this day is to sit on some big field (I'm not familiar with which one) on the C.U. campus and smoke pot.  But this year, they are putting the smack down on that activity. 

The police will be patrolling the campus today to make sure everyone there is a student on their way to class.  This means you must have your student ID and class schedule on hand in order to not be ticketed.

Now, I realize that medical marijuana is illegal on a federal level.  I get that.  I don't personally agree with it.  Personally, I feel that marijuana is far less concerning than alcohol or cigarettes. I see a lot of positive aspects of marijuana for people with legit health issues.  I also think that it would make the country a lot of taxable money which could be used in good ways (hello education).  But that's just my opinion.

One of my friends from back in the day got bone cancer at 22 years old.  It was bad.  He had to go on chemo.  He lost his appetite, got really skinny, was constantly nauseous and, obviously, was stressed out.  He swore up and down that medical marijuana helped with all of these ailments.  I believe him.  It helped him eat, it helped him sleep, it lowered his stress level and it helped his nausea. 

Now, I also know that the whole "it's legal in Colorado" thing is kind of crazy too.  Basically, if you can find the right doctor and give him the right story, you can get a medical marijuana card.  That, I don't think, is right.  If your elbow hurts, take an Advil. 

And it is for that reason, I think, that a lot of people can't see all the positive of medical marijuana.  They see all the "hooligans" walking around perfectly fine with the legal ability to just get high all day for the sake of getting high. 

So, basically, things get all discombobulated in the process and lines get all skewed and stuff.  There are other reasons, I know.  Technically it is considered a drug--but no more so than Advil or Paxil or anything else a doctor can prescribe.  I think Katt Williams says it best when he says that there are three side effects for marijuana--hungry, happy, sleepy. 

Not everyone has to agree with my opinion.  I know that not everyone will.  All I know is that I don't have a problem with medical marijuana used for medical purposes.  That's all I'm sayin'.  I don't think that everyone should have access to it, but for those who are really suffering and opt to smoke some pot over popping a pill, by all means.

And if a bunch of po-theads want to sit on a grassy knoll and smoke a joint and talk about how deep life is when you compare it to the clouds in the sky--be my guest.  They aren't hurting anyone.  If you don't like it, don't go.  Plus, it would be good for the business of the local eateries (munchies).  So, I say let them eat cake.  Who cares?  But, that's just my opinion.

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  1. I agree with you. I did research a while back on the issue and I think legalizing it and controlling it makes a lot of sense. Get the tax money and take it out of the hands of drug dealers. I especially think medical marijuana if done correctly, has value. That said, I wouldn't use it even if it were legal. Just my opinon.


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