April 23, 2012



Today was such a typical Monday.  I feel like by the time my weekend was over, I had no time for recovery from it.  

All day I was distracted and extremely exhausted.  I had a Starbucks at six and I am still barely able to keep my eyes open to write this post.  

Aw, yes.  Having a jam packed weekend was fun and all but . . . I'm paying for it now.  Especially my back and shoulders.

So that is why I wore an effortless and easy breezy outfit today with a little pizazz without the fuss.  Which, naturally calls for two things: vintage suede and leopard print accents.  

Although my outfit wa's easy breezy, the weather was not.  In fact, it was hot as hell today.  Maybe hotter.  We were in the 80's today and will reach the upper 80's tomorrow--unheard of in Colorado in April.

The sweaty, sticky, hoooooooooot didn't help my tired body or dead brain either.  Although, it did make me anxious for summer BBQs.

 Also, I've mentioned on here before, but Mondays are our slowest days at le office.  Without Bob around to defrost the mind numbing day, it moves like molasses. 

So without further adieu, I am going to bid you good night and get to bed.  But not before the back massage that Patrick promised me.  Now that will make it all worth it.  ;-)

  Suede Mini Dress-vintage; Gold Short Sleeve Button Up-Jones New York, thrifted; Silk Patterned Peep Toe Pumps-Madden Girl, gifted; Necklace-SIFA; Bangles-gifted; Cloche Hat with Leopard Print Trim-Target

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