April 14, 2012

On The Hunt


As you can tell by these photos, the weather decided to abruptly take a turn south by mid afternoon.  Just before these photos were taken actually.  Go figure. 

At any rate, this is a great example of how to spruce up shorts and a tee: just add killer pumps and a blazer.  Done and done.  

I wore this (well, mostly this, but I had these jeans on at first for most of the day) to go on a man hunt for dollhouse furniture today. 

You see, several months ago while at a flea market, I found the perfect dollhouse for my daughter for her birthday, which is on Tuesday.  And I've been waiting all these months to debut it to her.  Which, to anyone that knows how horrible I am at surprises, knows how challenging this has been.

I didn't want to give her crappy plastic Barbie furniture.  I wanted it to be on the level.  So Kaden and I hit up the flea markets.  Let me say, I ended up with some really cute stuff, but it was virtually impossible to find.  For real.  She better love it.   

My mom thrifted these amazing snakeskin pumps for me a few weeks ago and I loved them.  They fit me perfectly and I put them aside for the perfect outfit.  And then forgot about them.  I know!!!!  But, a shoe fell off the shelf in my closet today right next to them and I remembered how much I loved them.  And, as luck would have it, they went with my outfit today. 

And speaking of awesomeness and thrifting, guess what monumental thing happened to my suburban Colorado town today?  We got . . . {pause for effect}

OUR VERY OWN GOODWILL!!!  Today was the Grand Opening.  It was AMAZING.  They had pizza and gobs of goodies.  AND the entire store was half off!  

I know what you're wondering at this juncture (especially if your name is Peggy)--did you cheat on your shopping ban, Robin?

I cannot tell a lie.  Yes.  Yes I did.  But for $43 I got shirts for Patrick, Kaden, dresses for Brielle and a few things for me.  So . . . 

Moving on.  Tonight Patrick's last night doing overnights for the Air Force.  Praise the Lord!  I miss him.  Working opposite shifts with your best friend sucks.  Not only that but I HATE going to sleep alone.  I am a paranoid freakshow.  Last night, Kaden slept at the neighbor's house and I was all alone in the house.  

I kept "hearing things".  I had all the doors (and windows) locked, locked Nakita (our dog) in the bedroom with me and slept with my hot pink pepper spray under my pillow.  Now might be a good time to stop watching that I Survived show with Patrick . . .

Sky Blue Button Front Tee-gifted from Rocky Mountain National Park; Black Shorts-Hot Kiss; White Blazer-Ann Taylor, thrifted; Snakeskin Pumps-Vanity, gifted; R Necklace-K-Mart; Ring-Encore; Earrings-gifted

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