April 19, 2012

Working for Tim Gunn


You guys.  The funniest thing happened to me last night.  I was taking my kids to Kumon.  I honestly don't remember in the slightest what we were talking about but Kaden turns to me and goes "Mom, just because you work for Tim Gunn . . ."

I was shocked and confused simultaneously.  "Kaden what are you talking about?  And how do you know who Tim Gunn is?"

So he goes: "You know.  That guy that you work with.  His name starts with a D . . . He looks just like Tim Gunn!  He wears the fancy suits and he walks with that swagger . . ."

"Oh!  Daryl?  My boss?  . . . . And did you just say swagger?"  And then I started to think about it.  By George, that kid is spot.  on.

Seriously.  I cannot believe I never noticed it before, but Daryl, my boss, looks identical to Tim Gunn.  The white hair, the glasses, the tall and lean build.  This is on the level!

And, I've mentioned this on here before, but Daryl is a legitimately dapper gentleman.  Well, he does have his fleece and khaki days, but those are few and far between, when he comes in only for a short time and has no meetings or Court or anything. 

For the most part, Daryl dresses rather well for a man.  He has very nice suits and his ties are always colorful, but not in a crazed principal kind of way, in an arty and sophisticated kind of way.  During colder months, he even sports the fedora and long trench.

See for yourself in this side by side photo (and please excuse the crappy scanned picture of Daryl, but I just couldn't bring myself to ask my boss to pose for a picture on my blog for the side by side comparison of him and Mr. Gunn):  Also keep in mind that Daryl is always wearing his glasses, but for some reason didn't in his mediation flyer pic

Photo Source for Tim Gunn photo here

See?!?!?!  Crazy, right????  Aaaand some client forgot their glasses, so Daryl gave them to me for safe keeping.  "I know you won't wear them, though," he says "They are not stylish enough for you."  Comparison accomplished. 

And can we please take a moment to appreciate how freaking awesome my son is to know who Tim Gunn is????  That's right.

Mint Skinny Jeans-Kohl's; Cadet Blue Shear Ruffle and Rosette Tank-Adiva, thrifted; White Cardigan-Merona, gifted; Nude Pumps-Vera Wang; Yellow Handbag-Claire's; Earrings-DIY and gifted; Cuff-vintage from Mom; Aquarius Necklace-Target

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