April 11, 2012

Mundane Woes


Today . . . blew you guys. Seriously.  I don't even want to talk about the shitty weather, which as you can see went from sunny and bright and warm and bare legs to cloudy, dismal, gray nastiness.  

And I definitely don't want to talk about how shittily stressful and ridonkulous work was today.

And we won't even bring up how much I am sick and tired of people playing games with those I love involving multiple phone calls of frustration.

And I'm not even gonna go there about how subpar my photos turned out in the nasty darkness with the wind and the crowded little pond.

And I'm not even gonna start on how grocery shopping is the most tedious, mind numbing chore in the universe--you know, crowded and full of people there as if on holiday and not only do you have to drudge through the store for a good 45 minutes, wait to check out, check out, contemplate how all that stuff fit in your cart, why it costs so damn much, and how you fit it all in the cart, yet it never seems to all want to fit in after being fondled by the process of bagging, and then take it to your car, load it up, get home, bring it in and unload it.  And then cook freaking dinner.  

Buuuuuut I will tell you how it was kinda alright to wear pants today and take a break from movement restricting skirts and dresses.

And how proud you are of those you care about sticking up for themselves and putting their foot down when they feel disrespected.  And for those that decide they are no longer going to be treated as someone below priority to someone else. 

And I will also tell you that while my pictures today sucked Lemon Drops, my outfit was rather cute, I thought.  And Dawn specifically came from her office to my desk to tell me so.  And my son, Conner, gave me this hat.

And it is pretty freaking sweet to know that your family is so strong and so united and loyal that when someone needs help, there is no question that everyone is Johnny on the Spot with that.  Let's just say that if you are lucky enough to be in, you're golden.  Kinda like the mob.  Only with less shooting and car cashes. 

 And the best part about a shitty day is when you can solve such with a great meal with your kids of mini black and blue burgers hot off the grill, kick back when they go to bed with your lover, cheers to an ice cold Corona and laugh hysterically at each other with rubber band tricks and in depth conversation about derailing and trains.  Yes, friends. 

Burgundy Shirt Dress-H&M, thrifted; Black Skinny Jeans-Mudd; Studded Wedge Boots-Forever21; Black Fedora-gifted; White Jacket-Wal-Mart; Cuff, Earrings and Star Bib Necklace-gifted

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