April 10, 2012

Living in the Pastel


As most of us are aware, today is the Pastel challenge over at Everybody Everywear.  And, as per usual, when such a challenge comes around, I am simultaneously involved in my monthly paralegal luncheon in downtown Denver.

I was excited about both items on the agenda.  The EBEW challenge had me stoked because, well frankly, pastels have become a fashion obsession of mine as of late.  At first, I couldn't really see past bright colors, but now . . . it's all about pastels baby!

The luncheon I was excited about because I didn't get to go last month.  And we were having a bomb ass speaker whom I'd worked with but never met in person.  And I got to take Sally with me.  And I was bringing the snacks this time and my lemon roll cake was the booooooomb.  Um, no, before you ask, I did not "make" the damn cake.  But I did bring it!

I was a little disappointed while I was taking my pictures because the lighting was so off--either hella bright or shady wherever I tried to snap a few photos, but looking through them now, I think they turned out all right!

So Patrick and I realized that as of Sunday, we are officially five months away from the wedding.  FIVE.  It is just so hard to believe, so exciting and so overwhelming all at the same time.  I feel like I still have 1,458,612 things to get done.

This dress is one of the many pretty goodies I have been meaning to share from a thrifting trip eons ago.  It was a hit at the office.  Except Peggy does not believe me about how I "only spending birthday money on my thrift trips and still having things that I had not previously worn before" because I keep these things away for special occasions, but it is so true.  Peggy, this is a public plea for you to go thrifting with me so you can see just how far $50 can get you on a half off day at the thrift store.

And speaking of thrift stores, guess what?  They are putting a Goodwill in our town!  Hells ya!  No more going up to Fo Co no mo for some Goodwill action.  It's about damn time!  The grand opening is on Saturday.  And I might go.  What?  I have to just seeeeeee what it's gonna be like!

Can we be honest?  The death of Bob (my good friend and co-worker) was three weeks ago today.  And while I was devastated when I found out, it has continued to linger everyday. 

Work without Bob means a work without a break.  Without much social interaction.  Without laughter or chit chat.  It has basically sucked.  Very bad.  And the denial still has not diminished because every time I hear someone jaunt up the stairs, I still look up to see if it's him. 

Not to be a Debby Downer there, but it still hurts.  I miss my friend.  And I tell you this because you may (or may not, it's cool) have noticed a slight change in my tude as of late.  I've been on a weird kick lately.  Kind of somber. 

But I know that as time goes on, it will get easier.  It just sucks right now.  Especially when this happens.  Bob would have laughed his ass off when I told him about that.

Sky Blue Shift Dress-Ann Taylor, thrifted; Knitted Poncho-vintage; Open Toe Pumps-Rampage, gifted; Earrings-vintage from Grandma; Watch-gifted

Image 4554

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