October 16, 2011

Jumpsuit on a Corner

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By the way, my earlier post was what I actually wore yesterday.  This is what I wore today.  Perfect for running around and subsequently lounging enjoying my favorite Sunday night ritual--watching Jerseylicious

Let me tell you why I love this show.  It is, by definition, a "reality show."  But, no "reality show" is really reality, right? 

No one's life spontaneously climaxes on an earth shattering discovery or decision or engagement ironically at the show's finale.  If so, we would just DVR our lives, by pass all the suspense, anxiety and worry, skip to what ends up happening and watch how it unfolded later.  But we don't have our lives set to this schedule. 

We all know that reality shows are full of shit (I mean, they cast for them for crying out loud).  I know that I couldn't have a reality show.  Not that my life is boring by any means (for crying out loud, my day starts when the sun comes up and doesn't stop until well after it's down), but I don't think people would much be interested in hearing about how much I hate folding clothes and cooking sloppy joes because I had a trying day and don't feel like putting much effort into it. 

But that's why we love reality shows.  Their the predictable, dramatic fantasy that is just the right mix of ridiculousness and feasible.  I love these girls.  I feel like I'm invested in finding out what happens to them.  Kind of weird.

Tonight is the season finale.  I torture Patrick every week when he has to watch it with him.  He pretends that he doesn't like it, but I was starting to suspect he secretly liked it.  Mainly because he would insult the show like so: "Man, this show is so stupid.  Of course Gigi is going to get back with Frankie!"  LOL

We finally get to spend a night together after he has been working overnights at the national reserves.  I told him that he could prove to me that he doesn't like the show by running out (within the last ten minutes of the show) to grab snackies for us.  I told him I would not even tell  him what happened (we're about to find out if Gayle is selling the Gatsby) when he got back.  He's still here.  ;-)

Jumpsuit-Forever 21; Chambray Top-Wal-Mart; Sandals-Carlos Santana, gifted; Necklaces-Kohl's and gifted; Earrings-gifted

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