May 28, 2014

Cue the Band

So Patrick and I were playing Scrabble the other night (this is how we really get down on the weekend).  We were up a little late.  When we woke up, Patrick realized that his wedding ring was gone.

He was super bummed.  He thought that, perhaps, it had gotten flushed down a toilet or dropped down a drain somehow.  All day yesterday we flipped over couches, tore apart the bed, searched the backyard.  Nothing.

I had a feeling it would turn up somehow.  After all, we didn't go anywhere and I was pretty sure Patrick would've heard it bounce off of a sink or the wood floors or the deck out back if it had fallen off.  But he was super upset about it.

Some time in the night when I had gotten up with Reilly, I noticed something shiny in his bassinet when I went to lay him back in bed.  Lo and behold, there it was--Patrick's ring in all its glory.  He had put Reilly to bed that night and it must have slipped off when he did so. 

This is just a true testament to the fact that a) you should never lose hope, b) I have an awesome husband who delights in putting the baby to bed and c) Reilly's already a good man like his father--holding on to his ring for him.

Maroon Lace Maternity Dress-c/o Pink Blush Maternity; Military Vest-Old Navy; Yellow Suede Moccasins-Target; Earrings-gifted; Elephant Cuff-vintage; Sunnies-Target

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