April 6, 2015

Make it Work Monday #11

This rendition of Make it Work Monday was inspired by Keiko Lynn, one of the first blogs I started following when I started blogging.   I had fallen in love with this look in particular, Pinned it and shortly thereafter found a similar jumper thrifting.  Don't you love when that happens?

So I have talked lately about how I've been a little stressed out.  And simultaneously, I have not talked about my weekly resolutions.  I didn't forget.  And I didn't give up on them.  But for the past two weeks I haven't committed to a resolution. 

The first week that went resolutionless, I had planned to work on photography--learn something about it, take more "pretty" (i.e. landscape, flowers, etc.) pictures, and maybe even try my hand at Photoshop.  I had even signed up for an attended a photography class for Denver Style Magazine on shooting photos for brands.  But . . . other than attending the class, I didn't do anything else with it.  So I didn't count it as completed.

The second week--not gonna lie.  I didn't even try to pick one.  And while I am not one to "break the rules" (Type A much?), it felt good to not have something else looming over my day.  And I forgave myself for not giving myself another to-do.

So this week, I am choosing a resolution that I really want to work on in general.  I'm going to dub this week The Week of Excellent Self Care.  When I was in yoga when I was pregnant, my teacher would always reward us pregnant ladies talking about our cravings or our naps or our foot rubs with a comment like "that is a great example of self care."

This week I am going to celebrate my small victories--like the fact that I got to take a two hour nap with Reilly today--and not be so gogogogogo.  This week I don't have Odyssey of the Mind.  I don't have to take the kids to dance or school because of Spring Break.  And I am going to take full advantage of this extra time.  I have a lot of nothing planned.

Gingham Jumper-vintage; Yellow Sheer Blouse-Target; White Tights-Kohl's; Platform Oxfords-gifted; Bag-Coach, vintage; Pearl Earrings-gifted by Patrick from Qatar

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