April 15, 2015

Mission #55, Day 3

This was by far my most challenging look to go through with of the Brielle collection for Mission Week.  On Instagram, I called it my BSsquared look--Black Swan by Brielle Sue.  It was goth.  It was dark--even for an all black outfit (which I have always been a fan of).  It was a lot going on--pillbox hat BAM!, tulle skirt BAM!, all black BAM! 

But it was the essence of the challenge really.  It was challenging and quite a bit out of my comfort zone.  I honestly felt a bit juvenile in it and a little self conscious.  But Brielle loved it and that is the most important thing.

Kind of ironic actually because in high school--I am sure I would have rocked this look without problem or question.  I hung out with all of the goths in high school.  I was a bona fide skater punk . . . who didn't skateboard or really get into too much punk music.

And fishnets?  Yeah, I was kind of famous for them.  I had fishnets and tights in as many colors and patterns as you could fathom.  And that included knee highs, thigh highs, camo, striped, lime green and a special black vintage pair with the seam up the back.

Aw high school.  In a weird twist of irony, however, I was painfully shy.  So even though I wore those things, I was always really nervous about people criticizing me.  It didn't stop me from wearing them, but I kind of rebelled against the fact that in order to be "in" you had to wear big name brands and boring t-shirts (half tucked in) with bootleg jeans and platforms everyday.

I was called names by "the preps".  I was looked at weird by my peers sometimes.  Hell, even my now best friend Matty once told me that "he would have been my friend earlier but I was just too tacky" for him.  But I really don't regret it because those high school years are exactly why I have the ability and confidence that I do today to wear whatever the hell I, or my daughter, desire.  Bring it.

Pillbox Hat-vintage from Great Grandma
Cropped Moto Jacket-Miley Cyrus
Black Hoodie Tee-really old
Black Tulle Skirt-thrifted
Black Fishnet Socks-Kushyfoot, c/o
Studded Booties-Forever 21

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