April 13, 2015

Mission #55, Day 1--Brielle's Picks

A couple of months back I read this story about a woman who let her toddler pick out her outfits for a week.  The purpose of this experiment, she had said, was to not take her self (or her clothes) too seriously.  And I loved that story the minute that I read it.

So this week is Brielle's birthday week.  That's right--my baby girl will be 8 on Friday--at 11:57 a.m. to be exact.  And so for this week of outfits, I let Brielle chose what I wore.  She used the Stylebook app mostly.

This week was the funnest week to get dressed for sure.  Granted, she is quite a bit older than a toddler and, dare I say, much more sartorially gifted.  While I was a little nervous, I only gave her two guidelines: it had to be appropriate for work and it had to be weather appropriate.

This was the first outfit that she chose and I loved it so much.  It all worked--the dress, the boots, the cropped jacket, the bag.  She even chose the vintage Coach--my girl.

Black is Brielle's second favorite color (blue is the first).  And two of the outfits that she chose were mostly (or entirely as you will see . . .) black.  I didn't mind it.  And she absolutely loved playing dress up with me.  

Polka Dot Tiered Dress-thrifted
Black Cropped Moto Jacket-Miley Cyrus
Polka Dot Tights-Target
Boots-Forever 21
Crossbody Bag-Coach, gifted
Earrings-DIY and gifted
Watch-vintage from Grandma

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