April 2, 2015

Mission #54, Day 4--Varsity Jacket and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONNER!

Today's sporty look is a girly spin on an obvious sporty staple--the varsity jacket.  I always loved the preppy look and when I found this hot pink one with my initial on it--I scooped it up without a second thought.  And I decided to go all out hot pink with the look because pink is one of Conner's favorite colors and today Conner turns 10!

Ten years old!  Double digits!  Such a big birthday.  I cannot believe that I have been lucky enough to be this kiddo's mother for a decade.  If you knew Conner you would know that it truly is a blessing.  Obviously, there are many things that I love about Conner (ok, I'm his mom, I love everything about Conner), but here are my top ten things to love about Conner in honor of his 10th birthday:

1.  Conner's heart.  Conner has the world's biggest heart.  He doesn't do anything that hurts someone else's feelings.  He will give you the last of his everything just to make sure that you are happy.  He is the most compassionate child I've ever known.

2.  Conner's brain.  We've always known just how smart Conner is.  The kid could seriously add multiple numbers at a time by 4 in his head.  When he was in first grade, he tested at a middle schooler's level for math.  When he was 7 he spoke with me about triangular prisms.  I love how smart he is.

3.  Conner's adventurous streak.  Conner is willing to try anything--any activity, any food, any situation.  He has never been afraid to try things out.  And usually he ends up liking whatever he tries.  He goes into it with an open mind.

4.  Conner's manners.  I have never met a kid who is seriously offended when other people don't use manners.  Every night he thanks me for dinner, multiple times.  This morning he thanked me for putting gas in the car to take them places.  Please and thank you are his jam.

5.  Conner's patience.  While he is extremely well-mannered, he is a kid.  And so he gets anxious.  But he doesn't let it get to him.  For example, he got a tetherball set for Christmas and all he has wanted in the world is for it to be set up.  But we have to wait for the ground to not be frozen.  So he told us that all he wants for his birthday is for the tetherball set to be set up.  We are currently waiting for the concrete to dry and he is literally watching it like a hawk.

6.  Conner's maturity.  Whenever Conner does get in trouble, which is honestly pretty rarely, you can literally watch him step back, take a breath and refocus himself.  He will apologize for his actions and take the high road every time.

7.  Conner's athletics.  Conner loves sports.  All sports.  He is really good at them too.  He is in baseball, football and is the tetherball champ at school.  I love his passion for sports.  Even though I have no idea what he's talking about most of the time.

8.  Conner's love for his baby brother.  He doesn't always get along with his sister.  He hasn't always gotten along with Kaden.  But he loves to play with, watch, feed and take care of his baby brother.  And honestly no one makes him laugh more.

9.  Conner's memory.  Nothing gets by this kid.  If you make a promise to him, you better be willing to follow through.  He remembers things said, worn, eaten and played with from his toddler years.  He's good.

10.  Conner's confidence.  Like I said, the kid loves pink.  And he doesn't care that it's not a "boy color".  He likes what he likes and he does not apologize for who he is.  

Happy birthday to my sweetest little heart, Conner.  I love you so much!

Hot Pink Skinny Jeans-Kohl's; Chambray Button Down-Lee; Varsity Jacket-Marshall's; Nude Pumps-Vera Wang; Bag-Candie's; Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted

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