April 21, 2015

Share the Covers--Perfect

Here is the original by Pink . . .

And here is a really great cover by Boyce Avenue . . . 

These pictures came out really horrible.  And yes, they are a few weeks old.  But we are having chilly non-spring weather anyway so here ya go.  Basically the outfit is nothing special.  But I really wanted to show you guys this insane long, velvet cape that I thrifted a few months ago.

 It's crazy, right?  I spotted it, immediately loved it, held it up and was told by my best friend Matty's sister (jokingly . . . well half-jokingly at least) that this cape should be held for vampire conventions.  I showed Matt and he loved it!  But I put it back.  Half because of Becky's comment and half because I wasn't sure that I really loved it.  But when Matty spotted me later without it, he marched me right back over to it and insisted that I buy it.  The cashier also applauded my decision when he saw it.  "OMG How freaking glamorous!!!"  So, you know.  Trust your gut.

PS--I am still humbly seeking any possible donations for my friend Bekey and her family on the GoFundMe page that I created for her.

White Jeans-Jordache
Hot Pink Blazer-thrifted
Grey Tee-Target
Booties-Ralph Lauren, gifted

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