April 3, 2015

Mission #54, Day 5--Track Pants and a Lindi Review

Track pants are a sporty little number that I am sure everyone is on board with.  What's not to love?  Comfy, versatile and cool.  Not to mention, as pertinent to this Mission Week, sporty.

I was recently contacted to review Lindi Skin products.  I read up about them and this product was made by a mother of four who also happens to be a cancer survivor.   She targets her products toward clients who are going or have gone through chemo or radiation treatment.  Their products are never tested on animals and they use natural ingredients.  I was sent four of their products to review:  a face wash, a face serum, an eye hydrator and lip balm.

Lip Balm

 I am a lip balm addict. I keep so many sticks of lip balm--in my purse, on my dresser, in my car, in my desk.  I am constantly using it so I am kind of a snob when it comes to lip balm.  I honestly prefer a lip balm in a tube, but other than that, I was pretty pleased with this lip balm.  I actually found myself using much less lip balm when I was using this product!  Which says a lot for me.  I have never been through chemotherapy, but I know that it can really dry you out.  The only thing that I can relate it to is giving birth, which I found to do the same thing.  I can't tell you how grateful I was for lip balm in the hospital.  I think this would be a good one to have with you.

Face Wash

I had mixed feelings on this face wash because it didn't foam . . . at all . . . which was unexpected.  It wasn't much in the way of removing make-up.  I don't wear much, but I did try it out after wearing liquid eyeliner and it didn't remove it very well.  However, when using it, I did notice my skin was softer.  But I am not sure if that was because of the face wash or because of the face serum (reviewed below).

Face Serum

I have to admit here--I'm not a beauty product whiz.  Like at all.  I don't really have a "routine" other than to get my face clean.  My best friend Matty is the one who keeps me apprised on certain products I should be using.  So I wasn't sure what to expect from face serum.  The pump on this particular product did not work, which was a little annoying (believe me, I tried to pump it . . . several times).  But I have to say, once I got some (through taking the lid completely off and putting a bit into the palm of my hand), it was my absolute favorite product.  It smells AMAZING and it really made my face feel soooooo smooth.

Eye Hydrator

 Again, I was not sure what this was or even how to use it (I may or may not have Googled it . . .).  But after some helpful tutorials, I felt confident to give it a go.  I was pretty pleased with this product.  I am more than aware that with four children, the youngest of which still getting up during the night, my eyes may suffer.  Pretty soon after using it, my eyes felt "perkier" and I haven't really noticed a long term effect yet, but I really like the little lift for my eyes.  Trust me, they need all the help that they can get.

Grey Track Pants-Nordstrom; Striped Shirt-Target; Denim Vest-thrifted and DIY-ed; Sandals-Candie's; Necklace-c/o Onecklace; Glasses-Bebe; Earrings-gifted

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