July 9, 2014

Snake Walk

A few weeks back Kaden was asking Patrick about rattlesnakes.  Mainly, he wanted to know the probability of running into a rattlesnake at our house.  For some reason it never occurred to me that this could be an issue.  I mean, we're in the mountains, but not the mountains mountains.  We're in the 'burbs for goodness sakes!

But somehow Patrick ended up advising me to really watch my step when I go on my walks at McIntosh Lake (my favorite spot to go on walks).   About half of the trail is paved, but the other half is dirt and goes through what I have affectionately dubbed "Prairie Dog Manor".

So the next time I went on my walk, I was extremely careful and used great caution through the unpaved, tall wild grass portion of the trail.  It should be noted that I HATE snakes.  Loathe them.  Deathly afraid.  Gross.  Patrick had a pet snake when we got together.  Had.  I would not sleep at his house with it and it sure as hell wasn't moving into mine.

So I get back to the civilized portion of the walk and I ease up.  I start to enjoy the scenery of green grass and beautiful shimmer off of the lake.  A woman jogs by with her dog and I smile at her.  The next thing I know, she's on the grass. 

She was an older woman, probably in her 50's.  She was trying to scoot over on the sidewalk and fell off.  I helped her up and made sure she was ok.  She was, so I turned and started to walk forward again.  Out of nowhere, right in front of the stroller darts a (what I deem to be) enormous garter snake.

I screamed.  I jumped.  I caused a scene.  I almost ended up in the grass myself.

I hate snakes.

Black and White Striped Pencil Skirt-Target; Chambray Button Down-Lee; Beaded Belt-vintage; Sandals-Candie's; Earrings-DIY and gifted; Necklace-c/o oNecklace

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