July 17, 2014

Mission #37, Day 4--Business Tulle

Everyone's work environment is different, obvi.  And therefore dress codes can vary greatly.  I would say, though, that unless you work in a fairly strict work environment, you could feasibly wear a tulle skirt to work.  So for this Mission Week look I give you, dare I say, business tulle!

When I was in college for my paralegal certificate one of my professors heeded a very serious warning to us prospective paralegals: the education of law will ruin your life.  :-O

What she meant was that learning law would ruin our cinematic life.  And . . . . she was kind of right.  For example, I grew up poor and so I am way, way behind on every movie any normal person has ever seen ever.  So it was only about 5 or 6 years ago that I finally saw The Goonies for the first time.  And my first thought in the movie--"Hey!  They can't serve that eviction notice on those kids unless they are 18 or older!"

The biggest bummer about it all was that prior to attending college and deciding to be a paralegal, I was obsessed, obsessed with Erin Brokevich.  I liked the movie, but when I had my second divorce, was dirt poor and barely able to keep my head above water and could actually relate to the movie--I loved it.  Especially this part:

Basically every paralegal move from that movie: lies.  All lies.

Tulle Skirt-thrifted; Striped Blazer-Forever 21, thrifted; Black Tank-Old Navy; Tweed Flats-Target; Earrings-Shane Co., gifted by Patrick; Necklace-c/o Blue Nile

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