July 18, 2014

Mission #37, Day 5--Colors and Tulle

Usually when wearing a statement piece like a tulle skirt, leaning toward a neutral scheme is a safe bet.  But don't be afraid of color.  It can add whimsy and fun to the look.  For this Mission Week look with tulle, I added various colored items.  As they are primary colors, they are complimentary of each other and makes the look much less costumey.

I've wanted to take my photos by this piece of art for a long time and never have for some reason.  It's this statue by the little airport in my town.

It's on my way to work.  You can usually see planes coming in, of course, but also because it is such a small airport, you can also often times see skydivers parachuting down from the little planes.

Have you ever skydived?  I've always wanted to and I can't pinpoint why as I have a crazy fear of flying.  I hate flying.  It gives me mass anxiety.

But maybe that's why.  Maybe I want to be prepared for an instance in which I need to jump from a plane.  It could happen.

Black Tulle Skirt-thrifted; Navy and White Striped Shirt-thrifted; Yellow Suede Peep Toe Pumps-Style and Co., thrifted and gifted; Red Scarf-Kohl's; Green Clutch-Chi, thrifted and gifted; Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted

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