July 23, 2014

Be A Wall Catch!

"Be a wall catch!"  "Got a piece of it!"  "Gotta PROTECT!!!"  "Nice cut!"  "Straighten it out!"  "Cover!"

These are just a few examples of catch phrases (pardon the pun) that I have learned in the five or six years that my boys have been in baseball.  These are things I never thought I'd catch myself saying . . . but when your kids are in sports, you gotta be involved.

So I cheer.  All the parents do really.  Plus, I like baseball.  Kaden had his last game last night.  His team went to the championship for 1st place.  They lost, but it was tons of fun.  

And what was also fun was a couple of games ago when two of Kaden's friends accompanied us to his game to cheer him on.  One of his friends, Lucas, was cracking me and all of the other parents up with his cheers.  His father is from England, so some of his catch phrases were new to all of us.

A couple of my favorites included when a kid hit a pop fly that was caught by an infielder.  "Well he shot that one right in the turkey!"  And then when another boy tried to swing at a really low pitch.  "Well that was a spanker!"

Endless entertainment over here.

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