September 9, 2013

Mission Monday #17--Leather, Styling Outside the Biker Bar

Welcome back to five day workweeks ladies.  Woof.  It's gonna be a doozy, but rest assured, we'll get through it.  So today was awesome because my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary!

In ways, I can't believe it's already been a whole year and in others it's like we've been together forever.  We ventured back to The Callahan House where we got hitched and decided to make it an annual tradition from now on.  

Then, we took a motorcycle ride up to Estes Park, which was beautiful, for an amazing veggie wrap (with broccoli!) and an even amazing-er pecan caramel apple.  The best.  I love him.

And then, he brought me a dozen roses in the most beautiful arrangement.  I don't know if I've mentioned it here, but Patrick has bought me flowers every month since we got married--one flower for every month we've been married (so the six month, I got a half dozen roses and so on).  He's the sweetest.

So, moving on to the fashion portion of this post, I'm eager to introduce next week's Mission Week.  And this one is all about leather!  Perhaps I was inspired by the bike ride today, or maybe the perfect weather (no, not 60's on the brisk of fall, I mean sunny skies and a warm breeze) that makes leather optional.  I don't know.  But I'm in the mood for leather.

Also, I've never gotten a good close up of these earrings, but I love them.  Patrick's dad's friend takes antlers that he finds in the woods while he's camping and whatnot and construct them into tons of things--earrings, pocket knives, necklaces, etc.  He made these hummingbird ones for me when Patrick fixed his computer.

Hummingbirds are very lucky to me.  They were my Grandmother's favorite animal and ever since she passed, we always see them at the most amazing times.  There was one hovering over my mother's wedding recital, watching over it.  And then there's this photo, one of my favorite in existence, when a hummingbird photobombed our family photo right in front of my Grandfather.  I love the looks on everyone's faces:

Is this not the greatest photo ever?  Do you see the hummingbird?

It's photos like that.  That's why I love photography.  Priceless moments.

Military Jacket-Lucky, thrifted; Sequined Tank-Old Navy; Black Skirt-gifted; Studded Peep Toe Booties-thrifted; Earrings-DIY and gifted; Bracelets-Kohl's and gifted

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